by LEVEL/age


Pre Ballet   Ages: 2-3

Tumble and Twirl   Ages: 2-3

Tappin' Toddlers   Ages 2-3

Ants In Your Dance I   Ages: 3-5

Ants In Your Dance II   Ages 3-5

Acro I   Ages: 3-5

Pop Star Ballet   Ages: 5-8

Pop Star Tap Ages: 5-8

Pop Star Jazz   Ages: 5-8

Piano/Voice Lessons (By Appt)


Hollywood Crew   Ages: 5-9

Acro II   Ages: 6-9

Ballet Beg I   Ages: 7-9

Jazz Beg I   Ages: 7-9

Tap Beg I/II   Ages: 7-10

Ballet Beg II   Ages: 8-10

Jazz Beg II   Ages: 8-10

Dramatic Lyrical Beg I/II   Ages: 7-10

Jazz Funk Beg I/I I   Ages: 7-10

Hip Hop Beg/Int   Ages: 8-18

Ballet Teen Beg/Int   Ages: 12-18

Jazz Teen Beg/Int Ages: 12-18

Adult/Teen Tap Ages: 12 and up

Piano/Voice Lessons (By Appt)


Acro II   Ages: 6-9

Jazz Funk Int I/II  Ages: 9-12 

Ballet Technique 45min   Ages: 9-18

Ballet Technique 90min   Ages: 9-18

Ballet Int I   Ages: 9-18

Ballet Int II  Ages: 9-18

Ballet Int III  Ages: 9-18

Hip Hop Beg/Int  Ages: 8-18

Hip Hop Int/Adv   Ages: 10-18 

Dramatic Lyrical Int I/II  Ages: 8-12 

Dramatic Lyrical Int III   Ages: 10-18 

Jazz Int I   Ages: 9-18

Jazz Int II   Ages: 9-18

Jazz Int III  Ages: 9-18

Jazz Funk Int I/II   Ages: 9-18

Tap Int I/II   Ages: 9-18

Acro III   Ages: 10-18

Pre Pointe    Ages: 11-18

Pointe Int/Adv   Ages: 11-18

Jazz Teen Beg/Int   Ages: 12-18

Ballet Teen Beg/Int   Ages: 12-18

Piano/Voice Lessons (By Appt)


**Ballet Technique 45min   Ages: 9-18

**Ballet Technique 90min   Ages: 9-18

Ballet Adv I-III  Ages: 9-18 

Dramatic Lyrical Adv I/II   Ages: 9-18

Flexibility/Stretching   Ages: 9-18

Jazz Funk Adv I/II   Ages: 9-18

Hip Hop Int/Adv   Ages: 10-18

Tap Adv I/II  Ages: 9-18

Contemporary   Ages: 9-18

**Jazz Technique   Ages: 9-18

Strength and Conditioning   Ages: 9-18

Acro III   Ages: 10-18 

Jazz Adv I-III   Ages: 11-18

Pre Pointe   Ages: 11-18

Pointe Int/Adv   Ages: 11-18

Piano/Voice Lessons (By Appt)


Theater: Comedy & Stagecraft  

Ballet Repertoire

Musical Theater 

BY AUDITION ONLY (contact us)

All Competition Crews

2017 WINTER 


By Day

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** Does NOT perform in the recital

By genre


Tumble and Twirl

Acro I

Acro II

Acro III


Strength and Conditioning


**Ballet Technique Beg/Int 45min

**Ballet Technique Int/Adv 90min

Pre Ballet

Pop Star Ballet

Ballet Beg I

Ballet Beg II

Ballet Int I

Ballet Int II

Ballet Int III

Ballet Adv I-III

Ballet Teen Beg/Int  

**Pre Pointe



Ants In Your Dance I

Ants In Your Dance II


See CREW PAGE for more info


Hip Hop Beg-Int

Hip Hop Int-Adv

Jazz Funk Beg I/II

​Jazz Funk Int I/II


**Jazz Technique 

Pop Star Jazz

Jazz Teen Beg-Int

Jazz Beg I

Jazz Beg II

Jazz Int I

Jazz Int II

Jazz Int III

Jazz Adv I-III

Jazz Teen Beg/Int


Dramatic Lyrical Beg I/II

Dramatic Lyrical Int I/II

Dramatic Lyrical Int III

Dramatic Lyrical Adv I/II


Private lessons (Mon-Tues)


**Pre Pointe



Tappin Toddlers

Pop Star Tap

Tap Beg I/II

Tap Int I/II

Tap Adv I/II

Tap Adult Teen Beg/Int


Comedy & Stagecraft

Musical Theater


Private Voice Lessons (Mon-Tues) 

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