Studio 3 Performing Arts Center

solo/duo/trio terms and conditions

There are TWO refunds permitted for missed or canceled private lessons and TWO make-ups permitted for FALL-SPRING Sessions, per season.  There is ONE make-up permitted per SUMMER Session, but NO refunds are permitted.  Must give 12 hours notice to receive refund. For duo/trio lessons, all participating students must miss class to be eligible for a make-up.

All students who want to dance their solo/duos/trios at competition during the 2015-16 season must also be a crew member for the 2015-16 season. All solos/duos/trios who want to perform at recital or at a competition must meet a minimum of ONCE PER WEEK.

APPLIES TO DANCE PRIVATE LESSONS ONLY: Due to the high number of requested private lessons, students must either

               (a) take at least one private lesson per week; or

               (b) take less than one private lesson per week, but find another soloist to share their time slot (example: if you want a private lesson every other week    

at 6 PM on Thursday, you must find another dancer to fill the Thursday 6 PM slot when you are NOT there.) Failure to fill the slot may result in you being billed for the entire month. 


Contact us for questions on registration or class recommendations. We are happy to help! 


Are sent within 2 business days of registration and are due on the 20th of each month.


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              SOLO/duo/trio pricing *


  1. *Per 30 Minute Class 
  2. Solo: $28
  3. Duo: $20
  4. Trio: $16

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