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Studio 3 Performing Arts Center

solo/duo/trio terms and conditions

There are TWO refunds permitted for missed or canceled private lessons and TWO make-ups permitted for FALL-SPRING Sessions, per season.  There is ONE make-up permitted per SUMMER Session, but NO refunds are permitted.  Must contact instructor directly and give 12 hours notice to receive refund. For duo/trio lessons, all participating students must miss class to be eligible for a make-up.

All students who want to dance their solo/duos/trios at competition during the 2017-18 season must also be a crew member for the 2017-18 season. All solos/duos/trios who want to perform at recital or at a competition must meet a minimum of ONCE PER WEEK.

APPLIES TO DANCE PRIVATE LESSONS ONLY: Due to the high number of requested private lessons, students must either

               (a) take at least one private lesson per week; or

               (b) take less than one private lesson per week, but may need to find another soloist to share their time slot (example: if you want a private lesson every other week at 6 PM on Thursday, you must find another dancer to fill the Thursday 6 PM slot when you are NOT there.) Failure to fill the slot may result in you being billed for the entire month/session. 


Contact us for questions on registration or class recommendations. We are happy to help! 


Are sent within 2 business days of registration and are due on the 20th of each month.


Please click the "registration" link next to any of your desired classes below to get started! 

              SOLO/duo/trio pricing *


  1. *Per 30 Minute Class 
  2. Solo: $28
  3. Duo: $20
  4. Trio: $16

To register for a solo, duo, or trio, please fill out the form below and

someone will respond to your request in 48 hours!!