• SAT AIYD: Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride1:12
  • Sat Pop Star Ballet: Dream a Little Dream of Me1:05
  • Sat Pop Star Tap: We Got The Beat2:25
  • Sat Pop Star Jazz: Dynamite2:41
  • SAT Beg Tap: September1:20
  • SAT Beg Ballet: Swan Lake1:31
  • SAT Beg Acro: Hot, Hot, Hot1:36
  • SAT Beg Jazz: We Got the Party1:12

  • FRI AIYD: I See The Light1:24
  • Ballet Rep: The Arrival of Baby Harry 0:53
  • Ballet Rep: The Letters from No One1:38
  • Ballet Rep: The Great Hall1:54
  • Ballet Rep: The Yule Ball2:18
  • Ballet Rep HP Finale0:50
  • WED Ballet Adv III: Waltz...Flowers2:10
  • THURS Jazz Adv III: Move1:51
  • Tokyo Crew: Piece by Piece2:10
  • Tokyo Crew: Baby One More Time2:10
  • THURS Jazz Adv III: Move1:51
  • 2:10
  • 2:27
  • 1:28
  • Ballet Adv III: Trap Ballet1:51
  • TUES Lyrical Adv (So Say I).mp32:15
  • Tokyo (Electricity)1:44
  • Tokyo (Hater)1:57
  • WINTER CUT PRODUCTION Complete.mp35:15

thursday music play list

  • SOLO: Lulu, Latch2:19
  • SOLO, Charlotte: Never Enough2:24
  • SOLO: Ryan, Look Ma I Made It (winter cut) 1:47
  • TUES Modern Int: Be Still 1:48
  • Vegas Crew: You Should See Me In A Crown3:01
  • Beg Hip Hop: Chillin' like a Villian1:09
  • Beg Acro: Rainbow1:16
  • Ballet Adv I: Whiteout1:31
  • Ballet Adv III: Trap Ballet1:51
  • DUO: Malia/Coco, Circus2:25

Tuesday music play list

Monday Music play list


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saturday music play list

friday music play list

  • Anya Solo1:44
  • SOLO: Brianna, Daisies 2:22
  • Lexi/Elisabeth: Alive2:12
  • Lyrical Adv: All You Never Say 1:39
  • Hip Hop Beg: Dilemma1:29
  • Hollywood Crew 2018 - Love is the Name1:54
  • Production: Nutcracker (Winter Recital Cut)3:28
  • Portland Crew: Everybody Wants To Rule the World 2:35
  • Aspen Crew: winter 2019 cut2:04

Wednesday music play list

practice makes perfect!

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Studio 3 Performing Arts Center

  • Teen Lyrical: Winter1:29
  • Jazz Int III: Work 1:27
  • Lyrical Int III: Ice Box 1:45
  • Beg Jazz: I'm a Lady1:35
  • Teen Jazz: Classic1:09
  • Ballet Int III: In The Bleak Midwinter1:17
  • Ballet Beg: Arabesque No.11:21
  • Acro Int: Party Go Boom 1:49
  • The Safety Dance (Seattle Crew) New cut1:56

  • Monday AIYD - Winter's Waltz1:00
  • Monday Pop Star Ballet: Oh-De-Lally0:59
  • Monday Pop Star Tap: The New Girl In Town1:12
  • Mon Pop Star Jazz: Itsy Bitsy Spider (final cut)1:12
  • Monday Ballet Int 1 - Ice Waltz1:27
  • Mon Ballet Int II: Fur Elise (final cut)1:36
  • Monday Jazz Int I: Heatwave1:47
  • Monday Jazz Adv: Spider-Man Theme1:48
  • Musical Theatre NYC January Recital2:00