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Studio 3 Performing Arts Center

  • SOLO: Sherri 2:18
  • SOLO - Ryan: Once In a While 20182:21
  • MON AIYD: I Like To Move It1:32
  • MON June LYRICAL (Human).mp32:39
  • MON June - Tap Int (9 to5).mp32:29
  • Mon Jazz Int I: Hold My Heart 2:32
  • Mon Musical Theatre: Here on Who 2:35
  • MON Modern Adv: Rewrite The Stars2:19
  • MON Jazz Adv. II: Jump Jive'n Wail 2:13
  • MON June Jazz Int II (Show Off)2:21
  • 2:33

Tip: We are happy to help! Contact us with any forgotten dance notes or choreography!

saturday music play list

friday music play list

  • SAT Pop Star Ballet: Somewhere...Wonderful World2:28
  • SAT Pop Stars Tap: Bigger is Better 2:04
  • SAT Pop Star Jazz: Walk like an Egyptian 1:39
  • SAT Pre Ballet: If you can dream1:53
  • SAT AIYD: Animal Crackers in my soup1:55
  • SAT Beg Acro: I just can't wait to be king1:56
  • SAT Beg Ballet: Heaven2:06
  • SAT Beg Jazz: Lucky 2:29

  • The Grinch - #1 Whoville Intro0:59

thursday music play list

  • SOLO Charlotte M.2:14
  • Production (Alice).mp34:04
  • THURS Duo (Primadonna).mp33:10
  • Brand New Day Chicago Tap Duet Final Cut1:55
  • Portland Crew: Ride2:42
  • Portland: Star Wars disco1:54
  • THURS Hollywood final2:22
  • Aspen Crew (Incomplete) CUT.mp32:08
  • Detroit Crew: Catch my breath 1:47

Wednesday music play list

  • WED AIYD: Castle of our Dreams1:54
  • WED Modern Int: Golden2:03
  • Vegas crew2:42
  • WED Pre Ballet: All You Need is Love2:12
  • WED Beg Acro: The Twist2:05
  • WED Adv Ballet I/II: Days In the Sun2:40
  • WED Beg/Int Pointe: Planetarium2:55

  • EB Jazz solo: On My Bones2:20
  • EB Jazz Solo: Dangerous 2:29
  • Barcelona Crew: Shape of You1:56
  • Tokyo Crew: Piece by Piece2:10
  • Tokyo Crew (Baby One More Time)2:02
  • DUO Sammi/Elizabeth (Medicine)2:10
  • TUES Beg Ballet: Happy Working Song 2:10
  • TUES Jazz Int III: Havana1:50
  • TUES Ballet Int 3: Up (and away)2:54
  • TUES Lyrical Int III: Dont Let Me Down2:03
  • TUES Beg tap: Cooties2:00

Tuesday music play list

practice makes perfect!

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Monday Music play list